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Solving the need for intensive, regular and engaging, rehabilitation therapy for individuals with upper extremity motor deficit at a clinic and at home


Why armable?

Limitations of Conventional arm therapy

  • Limited number of Repetition

  • Limited availability of therapist

  • Fear of infection

  • Keeping patient motivated

  • keeping the data of therapy session

Advantages of armable

Interactive arm rehabilitation at Clinic & Home

  • Passive Exercise

  • Higher number of Repetition

  • Interactive Games

  • Data recording & ease of use

  • Motivates Patients

  • Affordable

How armable functions

Increased Repetition
Tele- Rehab

Frequently asked questions

What is armable?

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Is armble used for only upper arm rehabilitation?

Yes! armable is preffered therapy device for arm and hand rehabilitation of patient with post stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Frozen Shoulder. armable can be used in Early, Middle or later stages of conditions armable can be used from early mobilization, improves range of motion, strength and movement coordination. The device will also help in self directed training thus increase strength and endurance

What are the features of armable?

arm able has many features, that includes:

  • Increased Number of Repetition
  • Engaging therapy using Indian Based Games
  • Motivating extercise mehord
  • Tele rehabilitation using connected App
  • Increased Therapy Efficiency
  • Performance data logging
  • Performance feedback
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Electronic Height adjustment
  • Inclination
  • Multiple Handle Options
  • Reduced Patient supervision
  • Made in India

How can i avail the device?

armable is currently available in India and offers various ways to purchase or Rent according to the individuals ability to afford. you can contact us: email - whatsapp or call : 7760581484

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